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អារម្មណ៍ Vs គំនិត | Emotion Vs Thought by Ton Soben

Cam-growth mindset
Published on 12 Oct 2019 / In Education​ & Tutorials

Emotions are physical responses. They are instinctive, which means they are triggered like your reflexes, and you don’t do anything to bring them about. Emotions help you fight when you are in danger, defend yourself when you are threatened, cry when you are sad or laugh when you are happy.

Feelings result once you begin to think about a situation. Feelings describe our emotions. Emotions happen in the body, while feelings form in the mind. When you take time to observe what your emotions feel like and describe the feelings in detail, you can step back from the chaos or panic of a sudden life transition, and begin to clarify what you need to move forward.

The thought is an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind, and emotion is relating to a person's emotions.

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